Wednesday 6 August 2014

Second Wind - Apothecary for PC Engine lives again

Back in February, I posted about the cancellation of my PC Engine action/adventure/puzzle game Apothecary.

Naturally, some of the PC Engine/TG-16 community was disappointed at a homebrew title getting canned, so I posted a challenge to programmers out there to get a working game engine up and running if they wanted to see the project live again. Orion, the man behind Ultimate Rally Club  and many other retro projects has since been into contact with me and began work on getting some basic sprite movement and maps together.

Well, we've now got to a point where I feel that both Orion and myself are committed to finishing the game and as such, I have been hard at work mapping out the rooms with the final tile artwork. While the game was originally planned as a HuCARD, it will now be a CD, but aside from that there will likely be no major changes to the original concept.

More information will be revealed as development proceeds.

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