Thursday 23 January 2014

Chasing (well, designing) Amy

Yes folks, our main character is called Amy and she's a girl.

The sprite design has gone through a long history. For most of its life, it was intended for use in a PC Engine game and began as the concept sprite below.

Then followed a bit of animation testing.

 I then spent some time completely re-imagining her in a cute style, to match the feel of the Bonk/PC Genjin sprite on the TG-16/PC Engine. This one I'm still quite happy with, maybe I can use her someday.
When Grelox finally became a real 'thing' I forgot the old Amy and tried some experiments that didn't get very far. You can see from the roughs below that I was trying to get some kind of helmet design that was unusual and unique, but it just wasn't working.
So, as I should have done to start with, I sketched out a proper concept for her suit, which drew heavily from the old Amy with some cyberpunk influences.

This led to a taller sprite which just didn't look right. So I squished her down and somehow it all clicked into place. Amy was born.