Saturday 4 January 2014


For the first entry in this blog, I felt it best to start off with a new announcement.

At Aetherbyte, we are beginning work on a new project. Although much of our current and previous work revolves around creating new software for old hardware, we've also decided to create new software for new hardware that just looks like new software for old hardware, if you get my meaning...

If not, don't worry. All it means is that we are working on a retro-styled game for the PC. The game is called Grelox and through this blog I hope to share insights on the development from the early stages to completion. I am primarily drawing the art, writing the story, designing the maps and gameplay - the programming, music, sounds and further design will be done by Aetherbyte's founder, Andrew (AKA Arkhan).

Grelox is an arcade-adventure and is in the very early stages of design (in some respects - from another point of view it has been in planning for years, but more on that later) but hopefully soon I will be able to share more details of gameplay and some initial graphics. It's being programmed in Unity which offers us greater flexibility than we are used to and also means progress should be a lot faster than our other projects.

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In the meantime, welcome to the blog and here's a preview of Grelox's main sprite to get things started.

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  1. Mega Excited! Can't wait to hear more news regarding this new venture. :)